Who gets blepharitis?

Extremely common in both sexes. Mostly adults but some children can be affected.

What is blepharitis?

A chronic inflammatory condition of the eyelids causing sore and gritty eyes.

What causes blepharitis?

Longstanding colonisation of the eyelid margin usually by staphylococcal bacteria.

Signs & symptoms

The symptoms and signs are secondary to an allergic reaction to substances (exotoxins) released by the bacteria. This is not an ‘infection’ as such, as the bacteria are meant to be there, it is just a development of this ‘allergy’ to them.

Symptoms are frequently none, but may include soreness, redness and grittiness, debris on the eyelashes: flakes (almost like dandruff of the eyelashes), red eyelid margin, irregular or ulcerated eyelid margin, loss of eyelashes and white eyelashes, red eyes, dry eyes.

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