Quality Standards

We are proud to present our Quality Account for 2019/20 as a sound demonstration of our commitment to quality and safety. We have aimed to measure our progress objectively, identifying where we need and want to improve, centred on the areas of patient safety, clinical effectiveness and patient experience.

This Quality Account is actively owned by all our teams. Driving forward our quality initiatives is a key part of our business, and modelled on our new quality governance framework.  This Quality Account also helps us to openly report on what we do and what we need to improve upon.

Our Quality Governance Committee is chaired by our Group CEO, and we actively continue to monitor all information, outcomes and feedback that we receive. This helps us to ensure that we are responsive to any changes in values, expectations and perceptions and that the services provided to our patients are based on best practice.

Read our Quality Account for 2019/20



Midland Eye is a member of the trade association for independent hospitals, IHPN (The Independent Healthcare Providers Network). The IHPN is the representative body for independent sector healthcare providers of services ranging through acute, primary, community, clinical home healthcare, diagnostics and dental.


Midland Eye is a member of the trade association for independent hospitals, IHPN (Independent Healthcare Providers Network. IHPN represents over 200 hospitals that provide services to insured, self-paying and NHS-funded patients. IHPN works with the Care Quality Commission to influence, impact and represent the high standard of quality care members provide patients within an independent healthcare setting.


STEP Up to Safety Initiative

Staff throughout Aspen Healthcare are trained in the company’s award winning ‘STEP-Up-To-Safety’ scheme, a highly impactful patient safety and culture change programme.  Staff are encouraged to STEP up; Spot the problem, Talk openly about it, Examine the system and Prevent it happening again.

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