The consultants at Midland Eye are all at the forefront in their particular field of sub-specialisation.

It is even more reassuring to know that through research they are able to push the boundaries in their field, and thus introduce new techniques safely and quickly. As all the innovation are improvements over old techniques, our patients benefit as early as is safely possible.We have listed just a few of the new techniques that we use:

Nidek EC 5000 excimer laser

Midland Eye was the second European Centre to install the Nidek EC 5000 excimer laser. More abnormalities in your eye can now be treated with the use of this state of the art technology.

Accommodative lenses

Accommodative lenses are the newest in cataract surgery, and give your eyes a new lease of life. After your cataract surgery, this lens implant promises you to see so well for distance (driving, seeing the television) as well as near (reading), that most of the time spectacles will not be required.

Macular rotation

Macular surgery involves delicate procedures at the most sensitive part of your eye: the macula, used to see fine detail. In macular degeneration, it is sometimes possible to do a special operation , where part of the light sensitive layer is turned around, giving some patients with this dreaded disease improvement of vision.This is called macular rotation.

CO2 laser

Dedicated eye plastic surgery is now possible with our CO2 laser.It means operating without blood, which means less bruising and swelling. You are up and about much quicker!

Sutureless and scarless orbital decompression

For patients with prominent eyes, mr Reuser has developed a technique where putting the eyes back in their normal place in the eye socket can be done without any visible scars! This “sutureless and scarless orbital decompression” technique has been tried and tested and refined now for about 3 years, and has resulted in a very high patient satisfaction rate.

Ozurdex Treatment

Ozurdex is a novel, and highly successful, treatment for waterlogging (oedema) of the central retina caused by a blockage in the retinal veins. The treatment consists of a pellet that is injected into the eye  with a special device. The pellet slowly releases a drug into the eye over a period of up to six months, and it dissolves and disappears as this happens.

The injection of the pellet is fast and straightforward, and the results of treatment, in terms of vision improvement, have been very impressive. The Midland Eye has been at the forefront of the introduction of this treatment.